Zed’s First Gripe

I’ve been trying to understand how to enter into this new world of journaling online.  What is most irritating is learning the software.  For a newcomer this can be difficult.  It looks like I’ll have to learn HTML code. 

I stop…I examine my thought: “have to learn…code”: a bargain with the ‘devil’ – I don’t wanna learn code.  I want the rendering of written thoughts done easily, elegantly.  I want to wrestle with languages that are soft, spoken by throats, inbedded in living beings.  The bargain with this devil must be managed well.  Caution is the operand word in this infernal contract.  Holy Faustus, Batman! 

The new technological revolution that has given us the tools to share thoughts with billions of people has shaken and altered our social foundations.  While simplifying our lives it has simultaneously complicated them.  Ironically, the very time that it has given us for leisure it has taken away with the necessity to learn complex activities – like this software that has been so kindly made available to me. 

The speed with which we complete tasks has not liberated us – it has only increased the pace at which we live.  It is a Janus, this revolution – a two-faced god who gives with one hand and takes with the other.  Are we yet sophisticated, wise enough, to determine whether he takes more than he gives?  Is sharing my thoughts in this blog worth the price I will have to pay in terms of time and energy?

I look at the time: 7:30 pm.  I have not eaten supper because I have spent time using this matrix of code.  I watch the hand of the god: giving and taking.  I sense he is getting too much – I leave for my table.



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