Sears Men

My wife and I were walking through Sears at one of the Malls in town.  Two men were moving in our direction with heroic determination, and their deportment caused my wife to smilingly look at me and say, in good-humoured jest, “Sears Men!”

I couldn’t help myself: I replied, “Yes…polyester suits, big guts and toothpaste stains on their ties.”  She chided me in thier defence, but I must say that they looked so comical.  August in their manner, they were emperors in their own mind: steps rhyming in tandem, quick-paced suzerains of all they surveyed, oblivious to the toilet paper that trailed behind on their shoes.  I chuckle even now as I see them in my mind’s eye.  God forgive me for this light-hearted satire.


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