How Not To Vasectomize The Dog

A friend of mine told me a very amusing story.  It seems his uncle, a physician, was a missionary to Malawi, Africa.  Missionaries, being frugal by nature, seek to cut corners wherever they can. Since the family dog needed to be vasectomized and since it would have been financially prohibitive to bring him to a Veterinarian, the thrifty doctor decided to perform the operation himself.  He reasoned that he understood canine anatomy enough to apply a procedure for humans to a pet.

He anesthetised the dog, performed the operation successfully and waited for the dog to awaken.  He waited for hours but the dog did not arise, although he was still breathing normally and showed healthy vital signs.  An entire day passed, but the dog still did not stir.  The doctor was forced to repeatedly turn the dog over on his side so that no harm would come to him.
Two days passed without an awakening.  Finally, at the end of three days, the dog emerged from his deep sleep, but it was said that he was never the same again.  I imagine him awakening like some comical, animated character from Disney – loopy and punch-drunk forevermore.  My friend and I had a hearty chuckle at this bit of innocent folly.  Too bad for the dog.


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