Ave Maria

My love he comes 
at night on wings 
that stir my soul’s sweet chimes, 
and warms my limbs 
with his deep kiss 
that echo all those times 
we’ve spent embraced 
on beds of down, 
as one we did combine, 
in heaven’s timeless stream, adrift… 
My love, My Lord, Divine. 

He brings me fruit
from glorious lands 
whose fields I longed to see, 
and now my Lord 
– my golden Lord – 
displays these fields to me. 
He feeds me apples 
with his hand, 
I kiss his rounded face; 
together we have come to make 
the Adam of our race. 

O feed to me 
my handsome one, 
the fruit of thy domain 
and fill my womb 
with thine own child 
I’ll bear for those in pain. 
I listen for thy soundless wings 
on starry nights 
‘till late 
to drink so deep 
thy sweet, sweet love, 
My Lover, Prince, and Mate. 


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