I Find Poems

I find poems
abandoned on fence posts,
like the child’s glove
– atomized in perfume –
I have tacked to my wall.

I find poems
in mouths
of encrusted turtles
hunting boulder-eels
among sea-fans.

I find poems
beneath brittle leaves
where merciless ants
drag writhing sentences
to a hungry queen.

I find them in hedges
like the fragile nests
of trembling birds.
From the earth I pull them,
like stubborn fishing-worms that tear.

I find poems everywhere,
but I have not found
the poem
that will set me free
of the poems I have found.  


5 thoughts on “I Find Poems

  1. I like this alot. But If I may be so bold as to offer a comment on pushing this further, each time you say ‘poems’ it seems to me you are suggesting a type of emotion or sensation that you find in poetry. I was just wondering if you were to replace the word ‘poems’ by a word indicative of that feeling what would happen?

  2. Thanks for your feedback. I’m going to think through your suggestion for a bit. ‘Poem’ in this poem seemed, as I was writing it, like a metaphor for spirit, state of being, essence.

    There was a need during the writing of this poem to move beyond myself and to emerge, reborn into something new. And I couldn’t find the path. There is another poem I wrote during that same period that echos “I Find Poems”. I’ll post this one as well.

    I don’t always know how a poem emerges or what the metaphors may fully mean. My (the poet’s)take on it is only the first one, but not always the final or complete one, and sometime not even the best one. I believe it requires the readers’ views to expose the many layers that live within a poem. Your view opens up a new possibility.

    I like your take on the ‘poem’ metaphor – never thought of it in that way. A poem for me is like dream language – directly from the unconscious. It is a message about something that I do not always fully, consciously understand. In my life poetry has sometimes been prophetic, an unconscious anticipation of what may be.

    Someone speaks deep from within me and says, “Listen closely…I have something to tell you.”

  3. I refuse to try and edit or critique this to get a change….
    to me, the moment when you write and put the words on the page is the honest moment something is born.
    and I truly loved this.
    so beautiful….

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