The Price of A Cow

I met an interesting woman tonight.  She is an elderly Romanian woman who married a Hungarian with whom she fled Hungary during the 1956 revolution.  When they came to Canada, they later become missionaries in the jungles of Bolivia.

She remarked that in Romania, after the Second World War, one of the most precious commodities was the Bible.  She said that one Bible was worth the price of a cow – a very expensive cost indeed. On one occasion her girlfriend and she were in town (don't know which one) and the latter lost her Bible.  She said that they prayed fervently that whoever found it would read it.  I found this quite touching. 

In another remark she said that when someone died, the question often asked was, "Did he have a Bible?"  Said of course with the hope that it could either be purchased or donated.

I enjoy hearing about human interest stories like these.  If you have any, I would like to hear about them.


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