Fuck became the word…

I remember a time when we boys would stop in midplay to honour a procession of funeral cars as they slowly drove by.  If we were wearing them, we’d remove our hats and the boy who didn’t would later be scolded.

I remember a time when at the end of a movie the picture of Queen Elizabeth II would be projected onto the screen and the entire theatre would pause in midstep to the end of “God Save The Queen.”

I remember a time when, even as a young teen, we never swore in front of girls.  The boy who did would be interrupted with, “Hey!  There’s girls here, you know.”  In 1967, or thereabouts, it all changed.  “Fuck” became the word without which young women could not be cool.


2 thoughts on “Fuck became the word…

  1. No way. 1967? I was 9 years old then. I wouldn’t have said that word to save my life. Couldn’t say it until I was in college.

    I do get your point, though, boy gentleman G.

  2. In 1967 I was seventeen, freshly graduated from high school and on my way to college. It was there that cussing, marijuana and permissive sex insinuated itself into the lives of girls. In retrospect, “fuck” seemed like a symbol of adolescent liberation for them in those days. It wasn’t as if every girl I knew habitually peppered her conversation with the word; but they certainly felt much freer in saying it. They somehow became more masculine, and only nowadays, after living through one of the most self-absorbed periods of the twentieth century, have they ventured to reclaim what they so foolishly tossed aside.

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