Whenever I use my debit or credit card at a store I am asked to ‘swipe’ it across the handheld which transmits my information.  When this happens I remember that when I was a boy, swiping meant “to steal”.  Lino, a friend of mine, used to do his share of swiping and he used to invite me to swipe alongside of him.  I resisted until the lure of being ‘bad’ enticed me to swipe a pack of staples from the Variety store. 

 I was scared spitless and was wracked with guilt for over a week until the burden was too much for me.  I told my mother who simply instructed me to go to church, deposit the amount in the donation box and light a candle.  As I watched the wick glow, the darkness receded like a malevolent snake and I was free again.  I was ten years old and I never swiped again.


2 thoughts on “Swipe

  1. Giovanni – this is a great story. Your mom was very wise. She figured out a way that you could “pay back” and repent, thereby releasing yourself from the grip of guilt.

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