The other night I went to a movie.  While I was waiting for it to begin a very delightful and interesting family sat in front of me.  The father was Caucasian while the mother was East Indian.  They had four young children: the boy was chinese, one of the little girls was Native Canadian, another was African while the youngest girl was Caucasian.  I found it absolutely fascinating and delightful to watch this family rainbow.


3 thoughts on “Rainbow

  1. How wonderful of this couple to adopt a variety of children and add to the richness of their family and the world. It reminds me that all families are rainbows of varying personalities. Some are more obvious than others.

  2. Wow! That is a tiny example the wonderful rainbow-Earth that we all hoped for when Western countries permitted immigration. Will that dream ever return? Cy Quick mydiary.wordpress.com

  3. Canada is a prime example of a flourishing multicultural tapestry. We pride ourselves on our mosaic of race, creed, culture and colour. It certainly isn’t perfect, but we’re a work in progress.

    It is my theory that five hundred years or less, from now, there will be no so-called pure races. Besides, it is the mongrel dog that owns the strength and longevity of adaptability, not the pure bred.

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