Sometime when I’m very relaxed: bathing, walking, reclining…I get a sense of things that may come.  I don’t mean to say that I’m psychic.  I mean that I may have heard about an event on the news and I see the potential ramifications of that event.  The event seems pregnant and it streams into the future where I see it giving birth.  Here is what I see coming.

  • The United States will suffer ongoing natural and social catastrophes.  These, along with its increasing debtor status, will magnify the stresses on an already stressed economy.  This will be compounded by its overstretched military commitments.  These issues and others that increasingly plague that nation will cause a major decline in the fortunes of the people.  The economy will crash; there will be rioting.  crime will increase and the people will lose confidence in their leaders.  There will be the rumblings of secession from certain states.  There will be political and social chaos.  No one will know who is in charge.
  • The United States will suffer a major defeat from an Asian power.  The defeat will be a naval one and the power will be China.  There will be no outright victory over America but she will be so weakened that she will not be able to withstand the ferocious will of China.
  • The Chinese will gain power over the United States – economically.  Because of this, the Chinese will control much of the U.S. and will insist on increased emigration to that country.  They will transform the mores, attitudes and sensibilities of North America as they pour into the continent en masse.
  • Five to seven years after the Chinese summer Olympics the conflict will begin.
  • Russia will be allied with China but that once mighty power will be overcome – its natural treasures plundered by a two million man Chinese army.  In Russia there will be deep sadness.  It will never again rise to the pinnacle of power it enjoyed.  Christianity will flourish there – as it will in China.
  • Christianity will be the rock in China’s shoe – and finally the boulder which will overcome it.
  • Canada will be only a memory.  It will divide and the provinces will form economic unions with one another and with parts of the northern United States.
  • The North American people will be severely humbled.  The great monuments to avarice – in particular the malls – will be no more.  We will be a chastened people in time and the glitter of luxury will dim.  We will live a much harder life.  The cornucopia of plenty will cease.  No more will we eat and drink ourselves into stupefaction.
  • The church in North America and Europe will be taxed.  Churches will close; the faithful will go underground.  Home churches will proliferate.
  • Times will become so hard in North America, and lawlessness will abound so greatly that some people will resort to robbing graves for the jewellery and other valuables that may lie with the dead.

5 thoughts on “Predictions

  1. What a bleak view. I sincerely hope you’re wrong.

    And China? Have you ever been there? They have the numbers, but nowhere near the wealth yet to do what you are suggesting.

    Some day I’ll write my alternative view here for you.

  2. I agree, my view is bleak. I love Western Civilization, but I see it, in historical time, as being in sharp decline. Perhaps it will morph into something different and better. But it seems so spent and spiritually empty. I’d like to read your view.

  3. G – I agree that from a certain viewpoint, things look bleak. On the other hand, most of the individuals I meet are good people, kind people, fair minded people, who don’t fit with the bigger picture of disaster that you describe. So which is right? I don’t know, but I do know that the only person I can change is myself. I believe the sayings like, “The longest journey begins with a single step” and “There is no way to peace; peace is the way” and “Charity [or other virtue, add your favorite] begins at home.”

    The world is spiritually empty only if you are spiritually empty. If you are at peace, that is your world and your reality. I tend toward Buddhism, which teaches that all wisdom and peace are found in the present moment. It’s true. If you worry and fret, your mind is in the past or the future. If you are truly living NOW, you have no worries. Not that anyone (except maybe monks) can live like that all the time, but it’s a helpful orientation for me. If I get really stressed out or worried, and I take even a few minutes to do a focussed mini-meditation, the world looks brighter afterwards.

    You are looking at a longer, historical view, and your conclusions may be correct. I guess my view is that if your predictions are true, that’s even more reason to enjoy and appreciate what we have now, change what we can, and not obsess about what we can’t.

    (sounds like the serenity prayer)

  4. You’re right, I am taking a longer, historical view. I’m thinking of historical processes like those that engulfed all of the great empires throughout history. It seems to me that the Western World has had it’s turn at being the pre-eminent socio-polictical power on the planet.

    Although I feel saddened by its impending decline and fall, I view the process in the same way that I would look at the decline of a mighty tree that has been felled by a combination of things like disease, drought and a few well placed axes. For the most part, the tree has reached the end of its life-span and will be reconstituted into something else within the broader, historical panorama of life on this planet. There is nothing that can hold back the end of its life. Old age and death are inevitable. But like Rome, Greece and the many cultures that preceded it, Western Civilization will permeate and animate the cultures that will succeed it.

    (Rome and Greece are not dead; they are alive. And through these words I feel their breath on my skin.)

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