The Camera

Some say
the camera extends the eye;
while others say
it is the instrument of hearts.
I say
the heart
sees through the eye,
while my finger and I
stand by.

Voigtländer Brillant twin-lens reflex camera.

Voigtländer Brillant twin-lens reflex camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Path to Esteem

Humility is the path to esteem (and it is not the destination).

Fat Moon

I usually don’t write poems that rhyme; however, this one insisted.  In fact, it demanded the use of only one rhyming phoneme: ‘ -oon’, as in ‘moon’.  Feisty little thing, wanting to be heard.

Fat Moon
Fat moon in barrel,
Red leaf on moon;
Raindrops on branches,
World in a swoon.
Logs on the fire,
Radio plays a tune;
Grey hair at my temples:
Too soon, too soon.